Friday, May 7, 2010

Jillian in 4D

We went today and had a lovely ultrasound done and got some really good pictures.  I am excited for this because I have had a wonderful cold that is taking every bit of energy I have out of my system.  I must say, it is NO fun and very frustrating but I am making it through.  Here are some of the sweet pictures we got of Jillian.  We also received a copy of the ultrasound on DVD,  Garon will be working on getting that posted.

The top picture is Jillian's leg with her hand around it, she held that position for a while.  We tried to move her around so we could get a good picture of her hand but she was not letting go.

In the second picture she was eating, she would swallow then wait a few seconds and she would get a grin of satisfaction.  It was amazing to see.  

The third picture is one that Garon cropped, we were able to capture one of  her sweet smiles.

**Just a side note in case you are wondering the ultrasound does not show hair on her head, those are just shadows (I had to ask because there were times it was hard to tell).

I hope you have all enjoyed and we will keep you posted on what's coming up.  We are now going to the doctor every two weeks.  It is so hard to believe how fast time has gone by.