Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Events

I can't believe it has been a whole month since Jillian joined our family.  So much has happened and she has grown so much in such a short time.   I have had my fair share of joy, laughter, tears, tiredness, exhaustion, enjoyment, and any other emotion you could possibly imagine. 

Jillian has brought a lot of joy to my life over the past few weeks.  I will admit that it has been a tough road.  I was nursing her in the beginning but I just couldn't seem to keep her satisfied so I began to supplement with formula.  While nursing and supplementing I also began to pump, talk about emotional and physical drainage.  After about a week of doing all of this I just could not handle it anymore and I wasn't able to produce any more milk so I had to make a decision to either continue trying to nurse and bottle feed and pump or just go ahead and switch over to formula.  It took me almost having a breakdown to make up my mind and accept the facts.  She has been on formula full time for a little over a week and things are going pretty good.  She gets a little gassy every once in a while but we are able to work those bubbles out with a little patience and time.

She is staying alert for longer periods of time which is exciting.  I love watching her as she notices new things.  She is also becoming a little more verbal, she now grunts and coo's in her sleep which is fun to listen too.  She wakes up every 3-4 hours at night and is eating 4-6 oz (most of the time she is good with 4 but every once in a while she likes a little extra).

Daddy is doing great with his little girl and she loves "play time".  He is amazing at getting up when I need the extra help.  For some reason she likes to be awake 3-5 in the morning and it gets a little taxing sometimes, I generally have to give in and ask for help during this stretch.  Garon is also staying busy with work.  He has just got hired on at Fleet HQ through corporate, his hours and such did not change but we will be able to get insurance in 90 days which is exciting.

We had Jillian blessed at church on Sunday and she looked like a little princess.  I totally didn't take any pictures but Garon's sister did so as soon as I get some I will get them posted. 

Garon has told me that when I am ready or would like I could take a little road trip, this sounds amazing in theory but the thought of traveling by myself with Jillian is a little scary just because I won't have help in the car when she gets hungry, needs a new diaper, is fussy, etc. etc.  I will admit that I will probably take a shot at it though within the next couple months and see how it goes.  He has school starting in 3 weeks and he is continuing to work full time.  I am so lucky to have such a devoted husband and father; we definitely couldn't do this without him.

I think this pretty much catches us up for now.  I will take some pictures and get them posted SOON! :)