Saturday, September 18, 2010

September so Far

Well, September has been a bit of a busy month. First let me catch you up on what happened at Jillian's two month appointment.  She weighed in at 14 lbs. and measured at 23.75 inches long.  She is a growing girl and I don't believe there is much we can do about that.  She is finally beginning to outgrow her colic (we think).  She has been a much happier baby and is sleeping more at night.  She usually goes down between 8:30 and 10, sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later.  Generally she will wake up between 2 and 3 and again at 6:30 and again at 9, occasionally she will reduce it down to twice a night and if she really loves us that night she will only get up once (last night was one of these nights; she went down about 9:30 and didn't get up until 6:30 then went back to bed until 9) :)

September has kind of slipped us by.  I say it has been a busy month but in all honesty I don't really know what has been going on.  I paid my car off Friday and that was such an amazing ordeal, one less bill to pay which is oh so wonderful.  My sister also got married on Friday, it was a nice and simple ceremony, Congratulations to you Sara and Matt! :)

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Kadence did not really want to have her picture taken so I had to sneak it in and this is the best I could do.  She loves coming over and playing with Jillian, a lot of times she likes to play house and she acts as the big sister, I am the mom and Jillian is the times for sure :)

Jillian (on the left) is three days younger than her cousin Addyson (on the right).  I like this picture because they are both smiling but I cut part of Addyson off...oops!
I got both of them here but they aren't smiling near as big.

I wanted Garon to get a picture of Jillian in her dress before the wedding and this is what he came back with...he was being silly.
It's not the best but she was just so darn cute!!!

Kadence, Sara, Bishop Bardin, and newest family member Matt.
There were lots of yummy treats afterward.  
The "I" on the cupcakes stands for: Ichniowski

Friday, September 3, 2010

Here's What's Been Happening

Not a whole lot.  Garon is in school and working and I am at home with little Jillian watching her grow like a weed.  It is absolutely crazy how quickly she is blossoming but we are loving every minute. 

Garon's schedule allows him to be home in the mornings with us but he is gone pretty much every evening.  Jillian hasn't been crying near as much the past couple of days *knock on wood* as she has been and I am so grateful. We are headed to the doctor on Tuesday for her 2 month appointment, this will include shots which I am totally NOT ready for. 

Well, here are a few pictures to enjoy...there would be a video or two but I don't know where they disappeared to on the computer :)