Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jillian's First Week

Jillian Grace Tidwell was born at 5:49 p.m. on Monday the 5th day of July, 2010.  She weighed in at 9 lbs 2 oz and was 21 1/4 inches long.  Head circumference measured at 14 3/4 and chest measured at 14 1/2.  She was a chunk but a beautiful one at that.

We had a very busy week.  We were in the hospital all day Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday they finally allowed us to go home around 6:00 p.m. which was a wonderful feeling.  I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed and spread out and most of all...I COULD SLEEP ON MY STOMACH AGAIN!!! :)

Thursday proved to be a pretty good day.  Garon was really good about making me take it easy (I sometimes did a little more than I should have) and this evening my cousin and her family got into town to stay with us for the Anderson Reunion that was happening this weekend.  Yes, that is right we had a total of 9 people in my house and we had a good time.  I love it when we can all get together.

Friday morning we had to take Jillian to the pediatrician for a weight check appointment.  This one didn't go so well but it was okay at the same time.  She weighed 9.2 when she was born, then 8.7 when we left the hospital, and at this appointment she was down to 8.4.  The doctor was a little concerned about this and wanted me to start supplementing formula at feedings because my milk had not come in yet.  Low and behold it came in that day!  At the appointment she was also concerned because Jillian was looking a little more jaundiced than previously so she sent us over to get a biliruben test ran.  The results came back and it had jumped from the 7.1 in the hospital to 16.  That is a huge jump.  Because it came back so high they told us they wanted us to take her into the nursery on Saturday to be retested...yes, another poke at our new born baby.  We took her home put her under florescent lights, tried to feed as much as we could to try and get more dirty diapers.

Saturday came around and we took her in for yet another test and luck came our way.  Her bili had dropped by 2 points.  The pediatrician on call told us that we wouldn't have to put her under the lamps at the hospital because it was showing signs of dropping! YAY!! Go me, I did something right.  We completely missed the family reunion on Saturday but that was okay, Jillian had been a busy girl and she was exhausted.

Sunday I stayed home from church with my cousin and her family.  Garon went because my sister Karen, from AZ was blessing her baby that day.  Monica did a little photo session with Jillian and she tolerated it very well, I was impressed to say the least.  Sunday afternoon/evening everyone gathered at my parents house.  This was the last day that all the family was in town, most were headed out Monday morning.  We ventured over there to take part in a little bit of the excitement.  That was Jillian's first "real" outing I guess.

Monday came around and my cousin left to go back to TX.  As they were leaving we were going out the door to go to doctor appointments.  Jillian passed this appointment.  She had gained 2 ounces over the weekend which was good and she did have to go get another bili test done but those results too came back better, she was now down to a 12.  Doctor says we won't have to test it anymore unless she all the sudden starts becoming more yellow again.

I know, went a little overload on pictures but I hope you enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Jillian is Here!

Well, just one day after worrying to death about my wife on a road trip by herself, we have a new bouncing baby girl! Ok, maybe not bouncing, but she is so beautiful and healthy. Everything is going so smooth that we couldn't have hoped for anything better. So, to the story...

Once Laura got back from the lake, we did some work around the house to get ready for the family reunion and the Hindmarsh Family that will stay with us. Around 1 a.m. Monday we went to Mom and Dad Anderson's house to enjoy the hot tub. It made Laura feel great! So great that the next morning Jillian was ready to hop out of the oven!

Around 8 a.m. on Monday, July 5, 2010, Laura gets up for the 53rd time to pee, but this time she doesn't have any control over it. How weird, right? I'm still in bed and I hear Laura's voice call to me from the bathroom, "Garon, I think my water broke." But did I panic?? Nope! I just asked if she could still make breakfast.... Ok so maybe not, but I still didn't panic.

We gathered all our stuff together and got ready for the big day. One main thing I had to do while Laura grabbed a few odds and ends was figure out how the car seat base attached to the back seat. I admit the first attempt failed, but I got it figured out.

She started contractions around 9:30 a.m., Dr. sped them up around 11 a.m. with wonderful Pitosin which sent Laura into a very dark place that we won't talk about. Then the wonderful Epidural was administered and Laura came back to her happy place. We started to push around 4:45 p.m. and little Jillian was here at 5:49 p.m.

Again, she is so beautiful. I can't believe she is actually here. It is such a weird feeling, looking at a little human, knowing that she will come home with my wife and I for a really long time! The more I look at her the more my heart melts, so yeah I'm pretty screwed from here on out.

Here are some pictures and we will try to post more as she progresses:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

Well on Friday, the doctor thinks Laura will have the baby sometime in the coming week. 3 cm and 80% means she is ready! And by she I mean Jillian. I'm so proud of Laura. She has been great through the entire pregnancy and even at 9 months prego she is still like, "It's not too too bad."

So today, after church and dinner with Grandma, I leave for work and Laura leaves for the great out doors! She feels good enough to drive 55 miles away, by herself, into no wheres ville to enjoy the lake with her mom, dad, sister, brother and niece. Alan says if she does have the baby, they will send me pictures, and that it will definitely be a water birth! Just got confirmation that she made it without any worries which is great!

So now we play the waiting game for the last final days. The Dr. is out of town for the weekend anyway so Laura says she isn't going to come until Tuesday, when the Dr. gets back. We still have a doctors appointment for Friday to see how things are progressing. With this baby almost here and all the Anderson Family coming into town for the big family reunion, it is going to be a fun filled eventful week! We hope everyone arrives safely and has a wonderful time. If the baby does make a grand entrance during the reunion, then the Hindmarsh's will get a house all to themselves for a few days!

I am so glad to be having a healthy little baby soon. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts that have helped us prepare for this little one. And a huge thank you to Laura for teaching me lots of stuff that I will be putting to the test in the upcoming future. I love you sweetheart!