Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't know why but I have been amazingly happy the past few weeks and I am loving it. Life has been good. Nothing has really changed in our lives. We are still working eveyday. Garon is working extra through the summer to cover missed hours during school. We are looking forward to the upcoming semester.

My cousin Monica brought little Daniel Tucson Hindmarsh into the world Thursday 25 June 2009 and we are so excited for their family. You can see pictures and details on her blog,

We are preparing a trip to the south in July for TJ's wedding.

All in all, life is good and no room for complaints. I am learning to look at the cup half full and I love it! It kind of stinks that it took me 23 years to figure it out but bettr sooner than never.

If you are reading this I hope you have a marvelous day and enjoy the sunshine.

P.s. If I am missing letters and stuff my keys aren't all hitting on the keyboard,it is tempermental...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Wife is the Bestest!!

I want every one to know that I, Garon Tidwell, married the best woman in the whole wide world. My lovely bride tried to get up before I did but that didn't happen this morning. So I was ordered to stay in the bedroom. She had a surprise waiting for me and she didn't want me to ruin it.

Laura made me a wonderful breakfast and served it to me while I was still in bed. Hootnannie pancakes!! Some people call them German pancakes, but the name is not as important as the taste. She called my sister, Jacee, to make sure she had the recipe correct. It was a wonderful breakfast that gave me so many childhood memories to think about this morning.

Now, on to the gifts!! My wife went way beyond the little trinkets. She bought me a radio doc for my iPhone. It has a bright display, a remote, dual alarms, and sounds crystal clear! I have been looking at them but never thought she would get me one. I love her so so much! She also got me lots of sunflower seeds and sunscreen. Both of which come in really really handy while I'm at work.

I regret that I don't get on here more than I do. I am so grateful to have found the love of my life. She is the best person. She goes above and beyond to make me feel like the only person in the world. I absolutely love my moments with her when time stands still, and I get to be with her in our perfect little house, all alone in this world like no one else exists.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biggest Slacker EVER!!

It is official! I am the biggest slacker there is in the blogging industry. Truthfully, I haven't been doing a whole lot lately but haven't seemed to have the free time to do anything extra.

May 16th we celebrated my nieces birthday (pictures are coming, just haven't had time to clear off the camera)

May 20th we made a little trip to TX for Memorial Day weekend and had such a wonderful time. We got in about 2:30 a.m. on Thursday, stayed with my aunt in Lumberton. Drove around Beaumont and did stuff Thursday day, had lunch with a great friend and that evening drove down to Groves to be with Garon's family. Friday we were in Groves just spending time then that night we went and saw the amazing musical "The Scarlet Pimpernel" Jill Hayes did a fantastic job directing. The cast and performance was beyond words.

May 28th we had Dad's birthday

Today, June 2, is the anniversary of my parents. Happy Anniversary to them! :)

June 4th is the anniversary Garon's parents. Happy Anniversary to the also!

And now for the big one!!!.....You ready?
Sunday, June 7, 2009 marks the 1 year for Garon and I. We are pretty excited and cannot believe how fast time has flown by us. We have been through so much the past year but we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I am so happy, so blessed, so amazed that we have each other.

BIG NEWS: WICKED is coming to TULSA!!! I am so excited. Garon and I are trying to find anyway possible to pay for this extravaganza. I have wanted to see Wicked for a really long time and now it is here. We have pretty much narrowed it down to the fact we will have to go on a weekday show because the good seats in the Saturday shows are ALL sold out but I found a few weekdays where they are still good. This hopefully will all fall into place to help make July a bit exciting.

Then, July 25th, T.J. (Garon's brother) is getting married so we will be headed down to TX that weekend to enjoy the festivities.

Aug. 1st my cousin Rachel is getting married, yes, in the heat of the summer and I believe it is going to be outside. Will have to find a light summery dress for that one.

Then in Sept. I am hoping to go down to TX for Labor Day weekend to help my cousin out with her kiddos and the new no name baby boy that will be coming in just a few short weeks. We are really excited about this one!

Well, now you have my update. If I forget to blog again, you will have a little bit of an idea what is going on in my life.

Reading other blogs gives me a desire to get in a better blog routine. I love reading about the adventures others go through. Thank you all for blogging and reading, if you read. we will post some pictures! :)