Monday, February 28, 2011

The Joy of Oreos

I ventured out and gave my baby 2 Oreos the other day, you have to have one for each hand, right?  She absolutely loved them and enjoyed every minute of it.  I had no idea she would be covered literally from head to toe in chocolate. 
Oh the happiness

Are there any more?

Let me give you some loves!!!

Got the day started right, first the Oreo and now a bath

Say Cheese

I'm busy at work...

Following the bath she decided to get to work.  Jillian loves the computer and loves to type in "word".  She is growing so quickly and it is so exciting and so sad at the same time.  She is now crawling all over and most of the time she will fuss the whole time she is moving but look up to you with the biggest grin across her face.

Jillian is also into eating everything, it doesn't matter what it is or where it came from, if it can go in the mouth it is sure to make it there.  The only food she has turned down so far are peas (I can't really blame her).  

My life is a brighter place with her in it and I am so blessed to have her.  She is a very special little girl who can bring so much joy and sunshine on a cloudy day.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

Jillian is Crawling!

Look out world! Jilly bug is on the move! She has been crawling for a few days now and it is so much fun. I know that it will eventually get worse, but for right now we are enjoying it. We left her alone in the living room, and she crawled into the bedroom where Laura and I were talking. We keep calling her and around the corner she came all smiles!

However, she is not always all smiles. When she first started to crawl around, she was so mad! She would start out in a direction crying and complaining, often with her eyes closed. Once, she crawled about two or three feet with her eyes closed, stopped, opened her eyes and was wondering where she was at, then went right back to crawling and crying.

Here is a little clip of her progress.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow Days!

Every one loves a good snow day! We have definitely had a good bit of snow this winter. I have missed a total of three days of school because of it, and oddly enough, worked one of my days off. Does that make sense?

Now, I don't know about you guys, but I know one little bug that knows how to spend a snow day.
Poor little Jillian has a had a runny nose. We gave her some medicine for it and she finally laid down in bed with Daddy. I put her on the pillow to prop her up to help her drainage and she slept for a good little while.

It has been a truly amazing experience becoming a husband and a father. I love my family so much and totally don't give my wife enough credit for all the work she puts in at home. I love you sweetheart! And I love my Jilly Bug!