Monday, July 25, 2011

It's A....

We have a new addition coming to our family in November and we are super excited! I am a bit terrified but it will be lots of fun and we will never have a dull moment.  Our new little one has proved to be a BOY!  We found out about a month ago (I know...I am really behind in posting).

Names are still up for grabs, we have one in mind but have not been able to settle on it just yet.  Name suggestions are always welcome *Jack has been submitted a couple times but it is a no go, just a heads up*


The month of July has been a crazy and busy one!  We have been extremely behind on blog posting but I am here now to do a little catching up.

Jillian celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY on 5 July 2011.  We  had a great party here at the house with lots of friends and family.  She has grown up so fast and is so much fun to have in our family.  She has accomplished many milestones over the past year including:
*Walking with assistance
*Saying: momma, dada, stop, that, cat, dog, papa, go, bye, hi
*Climbing on/in things
*Standing on her own
*Drinking/eating just about anything
*Helps with dishes and laundry
*Plays catch, peek-a-boo, wrestling, pat-a-cake, dolls
*Enjoys reading books
*Loves swimming and bathtime
I am positive there is so much more that our little big girl is doing but I can't write it all down because it would take a really long time to go through it all.  She is pretty much perfect!