Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Adventures

Wow, I believe that is really all I can say about today! :)

Life has proven to be rather interesting with two little ones at home, it is busy, fun, exciting, trying, frustrating, surprising, interesting, eventful, and so much more.  I am going to take a moment and share with you how my day went today, this hasn't been a typical day and I can only pray that it doesn't become the "norm".

The morning started off pretty normal, children woke up between 6 and 7 a.m. and I had no desire to get out of bed so their amazing Daddy came to the rescue while I convinced myself that it was time to get up and get going for the day.  Diapers were changed and breakfast got started.  Jillian of course  cannot wait for breakfast to be cooked so she has a banana and her milk to help hold her over and Wyatt is pretty chill at this point because he just had a bottle not too long ago (I honestly can't remember the time because too much has happened since this morning and now).

We leave the house around 10:00 a.m. to go run some errands, nothing special.  We arrive back home at noon and Jillian is passed out in her car seat and Wyatt is starting to wake up because he is ready to eat again.  I managed to get Jillian inside and in bed without waking her up (she was purely exhausted), and Wyatt gets his lunch fix from Daddy.  I start making lunch for Garon so he can eat before he heads out the door for work.

Fast forward time to about 1:15 p.m., this is when my day starts getting a little interesting.  Garon leaves the house to go to work for the evening.  Both kids are awake and Jillian is yelling bye in a happy voice but then watches Daddy leave and starts screaming (not unusual for her, don't worry it doesn't last long at all).  She comes back to the living room and starts vigorously loving on her little brother.  She absolutely adores him, lots of hugs, kisses, hand shakes, arm pulls, etc.  It has come to the point that I have to grow those eyes in the back of my head that all moms are supposed to have because our little angel will try to pick her brother up and she has actually succeeded in this task.  So we play pass the baby back and forth for a little bit, read a book, and play on the floor.

At about 2:30 p.m. I decided I should probably start dinner so I can have time to cook it and get everything together in time to make it to Garon by 4:30.  Wyatt is asleep in his bed and Jillian is following me around wanting more attention.  She has been teething a lot lately and I was trying to get things done so I gave her a popsicle, placed her in her chair and let her go to town.  This worked great, she ate the whole thing and didn't even make a huge mess.  2:45 Wyatt wakes up and is not a happy camper, I am at a point where I can't really stop but I do anyway.  I get Jillian wiped down, get Wyatt out of bed and put him in the bouncy chair in the kitchen so he can see what is going on.  Jillian is excited her brother is awake again so the loving has started over.  I am watching her out of the corner of my eye to make sure she doesn't tackle the poor little guy and occasionally I could be heard saying "be gentle" or "softly" .  She got really quiet and he wasn't making much noise so I looked over to see that Jillian had gone to his room, pulled a brand new package of refill wipes into the kitchen and had half of Wyatt's diaper off.  YES, MY ONE YEAR OLD WAS TRYING TO CHANGE HER BROTHER'S DIAPER!!!  Quickly, I had to stop what I was doing, go get a diaper and get him settled back in, she just wanted to help...when he started crying she found his passy and brought it into him.  So while I am getting Wyatt "fixed up", she walks over to the table and pulls a chair up to the refrigerator and proceeds to climb onto the chair in hopes of reaching the m&m's that are on top of the refrigerator (thank heavens she can't reach them, YET!).  So, Wyatt is now clean but still screaming because it is now a little after 3:00 and he thinks he is starving and Jillian is back in her chair with 5 m&m's, you may be surprised at the mess 5 little m&m's can make.

Jillian decides she is done with the m&m's because she has seen me make a bottle and knows I am about to go feed brother (which in turn means more love time for her).  I proceed to wipe her down one more time, pick up Wyatt, mix the bottle, and head to the living room.  Curious George is on PBS and we take a little breather and watch this while Wyatt eats, poops, eats and little more, and poops a lot more.  Jillian decided she needed to do a little system cleansing also so I get both of them cleaned up, get Wyatt to burp (this is no small task), and start getting dinner together because it is now 3:50ish. I get the dinner in the car, get shoes on Jillian and Wyatt is finally loaded in the car seat.  We are ready to go see Daddy for dinner.

Fast forward again to about 5:45.  Jillian is now officially exhausted but I am not letting her go to sleep because I don't want to be up until midnight.  This action results in lots of tantrums, fits, episodes, whatever you would like to call them.  Wyatt is in and out of sleep but hanging out happily in his crib.  6:00 gets here and guess what time it is again, it is time to make a bottle and feed the little man, Jillian is giving her loves but not so many this time because she is tired and she thinks she should get all of the attention right now.  I am feeding Wyatt and she decides to climb up on my lap, she helped burp him and both kiddos were cuddled on me as I rocked them.  The night from this point starts to go pretty smooth.  Wyatt is in bed by about 7, a little early so it may be a rough night but we shall see, and Jillian now has me all to herself.  She is happy being held and rocked but she started to get tired so she got down and found random things to get into, one of the favorites is the drawer on the entertainment center with all her diapers.  At about 7:45 the tantrums started back up so I said, "let's go lay down and get ready for bed".

Without a fight we went in her room, laid on her bed, said prayers, and sang some songs.  I had a very motherly moment this evening as I was putting my precious, wild, crazy, loving little girl to bed.  I looked at her and noticed how grown up she was becoming, she is getting so big but is still so little at the same time.  We sang an assortment of songs but the one that made me tear up tonight was "You Are My Sunshine".  This little girl lights up my life everyday.  She has stolen my heart  and I hope she never gives it back.  She truly is my sunshine and she brings so much joy to my life.  Even when I have trying days or moments she helps me laugh instead of scream.  Children really do bring out the best in us.  We did in fact have many heart to heart moments today but I suppose that just comes with the territory.  I feel so blessed to have these two amazing children, to have a loving and supportive husband, to have family I can call on when I just need an encouraging word or a moment of motivation.  I am living my dream, I am doing what I have always wanted.  My life at this moment is not always easy but I am loving every minute of it.  The laundry may get backed up, the dishes may have to wait, my floor may not always be perfectly vacuumed but I have two little angels named Jillian and Wyatt who make my home the welcoming place that it is.

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